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Thanks to our platform, WEDGEInvest, you will be able to efficiently structure, valorize, and manage your business
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Independence of use

We will give you access to hundreds of articles and tutorials in order to independently master the platform

Progressive scenarios

As your business model and ideas evolve, our platform WEDGEinvest allows you to equally change the financial structure of your project

Quick financial structure

Because of the digitalized tasks on our platform, you will be able to simply structure the financial part of your project

KPI's verification

We will give you the tools to measure your finances that will allow to evaluate the viability of your financial structure in the coming years

Financial valorization

Through the information you filled out on WEDGEinvest, our artificial intelligence will precisely calculate the valorization of your business

Without a contract

Subscription to our platform is contractless and you are free to come back later without losing the information already provided

Would you like to see more?

We provide access to the first few features for free to give you an idea of their efficiency
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